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current project

current project

In this project I am building a 3D scene for a vtuber to be used in unity for vtubing as well as to be placed in vr chat as a hangout spot. all textured are a work in progress and here to start giving a sense of the mood of the scene.

render 2

render 2

This is a manga bar. where you can hang out at the bar or gen into a comfortable chair and read manga or watch some television.

cozy corner

cozy corner

a closer look at the television which is animated.

blank model

blank model

this is a screenshot from progression day 1

blank model

blank model

Weapons through time

Sub Zero

unknown (7).png
unknown (2).png

Internship: Visie groep

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I want to learn more about making assets for VR and AR enviourments.

Audio design

I want to learn more about

making and using audio within

the gaming industry. make my own sounds/soundtracks and implementing it dynamicaly.

Video editing

I know the basics of video editing, but would like to improve my skills

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