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Weapons through time

3D modeling weapons trough time

Sub Zero

A VR game for a client

Sanity // Shift

A game made with a homemade engine of the programmer in the group

Internship: Visie Groep

A couple of highlights from my internship at visiegroep.

Internship: XR-lab

A 3D persona that is AR ready for a AR tour.

Weapons through time

Minor skilled

The project

Weapons through time was my minor skilled project. The minor skilled is all about setting your own goals and working towards that. I wanted to concentrate on 3D modeling and texturing.

Weapon selection

After the  weapon research I had to figure out which weapons i should make. For this i made a list of different time periods, wrote down their weapons and choose a couple of them per time period.

The goal

When I started the minor I wanted to get better at 3D modeling and texturing. The goal was to get faster and better at it. 3D modeling used to take me a lot of time. I always got stuck on the small details and found it hard to work from low poly to high poly and the other way around. 

3D modeling

After this minor I have almost doubled my modeling speed and got more comfortable with working from low to high poly.

In my work you can tell what was made at the start of the minor and what was made at the end.

Weapons Through time

Why weapons through time you might ask. Like mentioned before, i wanted to become better and faster at modeling. I was never any good at making hand hold weapons so decided that my minor would be focused on them. 



Texturing wasn't very difficult, the most difficult part was finding the right materials and textures. I used free textures online, textures I made the year before for a assignment and the standard textures from substance painter.



Research started with going to museums and looking at real life weapons at the National military museum in Soest. Sketching some of the weapons on a notebook just to get the feel for the shapes and sizes.


Some renders where made using Blender and other renders where made in Marmoset. 

Sub Zero

sub zero

The project

The project was all about teaching about detection of objects using the frequency spectrum. It was supposed to be a game for children to play in a museum. You could choose to either use a tablet as your gaming platform or use VR. There where only 4 teams that would be able to use them VR setup and the groups where chosen by their pitches. In the end we where one of those chosen groups. In the end we where chosen as the best serious VR game of our year.

My role

The main role I had in this project was paper work, supervising the group, making sure everything was up to standards and so forth. Next to this I also worked on a little bit of 3D modeling and decorating the scene.


Since the game had to be optimized for VR and the computer hardware of the museum where pretty low we had to hand in part quality/detail of assets. you can really see this in the orca and hammerhead models. 

Working in a small group

This project had a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 12 people in a team. We where by far the smallest team, 4 people. We chose this for efficiency, motivation and specialization. We had one programmer, and 3 artists. One of those artist is considered a speed modeler. The other wanted to learn more about sound design and do some 3D modeling on the side. And then you have me, I knew i wanted to focus more on scenes and documentation since I was struggling with that at the time.

sanety shift

Sanity // Shift

The project

The whole project was based around the 3D engine the programmers of the team had made. A game needed to be made in it using that engine. 

My role

In this project I worked mostly on 3D modeling, texturing and on populating the some of the scenes. 


Because of the home made engine we hard to work around some limitations, one of these limitations was that animations where a no go. To solve this we made it so the enemy only moved when you could not see it. We did this my replacing one model for the model in a different pose. This way it looked like the enemy is moving, while in fact he was not.

Internship: XR lab / Promotie Enchede


Stage: Visie Groep

visie groep